Meet The 7 Republicans Looking To Run In 2024

Photo by René DeAnda on Unsplash

With the first GOP contender, besides Trump, entering the race, the ranking for possible GOP Presidential candidates has been shaken up; this is the latest ranking.

Former President Donald Trump

In previous rankings, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis came out on top. But several factors have given Trump the contender-to-beat status once more. The dust has settled since Trump was bruised politically by his endorsements in the November midterms.

Furthermore, a crowded field of Presidential contenders will only boost Trump’s profile.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

If Trump and DeSantis got into a one-on-one battle, DeSantis could very well beat the former President. Among all the other contenders entering the race, he is the one to beat, and Trump knows it.

Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley

Haley is the only other major candidate to enter the GOP’s Presidential race, and her announcement and first campaign event went off without a hitch.

Her Indian immigrant heritage could also give her a wider appeal, something she touched on when she emphasized that the GOP lost the popular vote in the last 7 of 8 Presidential elections.

Senator Ted Cruz (Texas)

Although it’s unclear if Cruz will enter the race or choose to seek another six-year term in the Senate, if he pursues the former, he will likely rely on his penchant for combat in an attempt to raise his profile above DeSantis and Trump.

Senator Tim Scott (S.C.)

Scott has been preparing himself for a Presidential bid. He has bolstered the leadership of his PAC and has added a second date to his trip to Iowa later this month.

While pundits have primarily ignored him, the GOP’s only Black Senator could have broader appeal among voters, given his willingness to work across the aisle.

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin

Youngkin, who only began his political career in 2021, has already proven his ability. He beat Democrat gubernatorial contender Terry McAuliffe to become Virginia’s Governor. Biden had won the state by 10 points 12 months earlier.

Though it’s doubtful he’d enter the race, Youngkin has made moves suggesting such a leap is imminent.

Former Vice President Mike Pence

Pence is looking to appeal to a more conservative wing of the GOP to boost his profile in the primaries, though that portion of the Republican Party is waning.

He has also suggested he could be entering the race “soon,” a comment he made after Haley made her announcement.