Media Caught Brainwashing Voters

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

This is biased and unethical.

For months some media outlets downplayed concerns about the economy, only for many of those same outlets to become concerned that inflation and skyrocketing gas prices will haunt Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, leading some pundits to scold voters for prioritizing the economy.

The most blatant example of this in action comes in an opinion piece by Washington Post columnist Catherine Rampell published on Sunday (June 19).

In the piece, Rampell tells readers it would be a “wild fantasy” to believe Republicans could lower gas prices, warning voters to “think carefully about what they’ll get if they cast their ballot based on gas prices.”

She added that despite voters’ belief Biden didn’t have “some super secret special dal on his desk that can adjust gas prices,” adding that “projecting their hopes and dreams — including their wildest fantasies about cheaper gas prices — onto Republican challengers” would be fruitless.

Rampell then told voters to disregard rampant oil price increases, as neither party could resolve the problem as there are “relatively few tools” Biden or Congress had at their disposal to “boost oil production or moderate inflation.”

Rampell’s concern that voters would turn to Republicans for reprieve in this dire economy was shared by TV personality and branding expert Donny Deutsch, who expressed in n episode of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that voters would be led by their pocketbooks rather than the country’s democracy being “in peril.”

On his Thursday (June 23) appearance, Deutsch expressed concern, saying, “everything in my gut tells me… unfortunately, the gas prices and bread is going to be more compelling.”

Polls confirm that voters will be thinking about the impact of the economy when voting in the midterms, with a recent Fox News poll showing 41 percent of voters saying inflation is an important issue, above topics like guns and abortion.