Mayor De Blasio Orders Weekly Testing For Students

Mayor De Blasio Orders Weekly Testing For Students

( – Every state has its own rules and regulations for managing the coronavirus pandemic. Some states have taken a relaxed approach while others have continued to put more standards in place. So far, things have gone along party lines, with Democrat-run states seeing far more mandates than those with Republicans in charge.

On September 20, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) made some announcements about new guidelines in the city’s public schools. He stated COVID-19 testing will now occur weekly for all students, starting September 27. The new rule marks an increase from the biweekly policy currently in place.

The move seems to be a reaction to the United Federation of Teachers’ demand for more testing. It also correlates with the increase in vaccine passport requirements in the city and the vaccine mandate for Department of Education staff which will go into force on the same day the new testing requirements kick in.

De Blasio also declared a change to quarantine measures for unvaccinated individuals, which currently require a 10-day period out of the classroom after exposure. He ended this requirement for students who agree to wear a mask and observe three-feet social distancing. The new guidelines match the CDC’s most recent recommendation.

The bottom line, according to the mayor, is to keep students in school and to ensure the safest environment possible.

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