Maxine Waters Claims Extreme Border Protection Due to Race

Maxine Waters Claims Extreme Border Protection Due to Race

( – There are some people in Congress who will give anyone in the Democrat party a free pass, regardless of what decisions they make or any consequences the country suffers. The outspoken Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) usually speaks only in defense of her Leftist colleagues; however, she’s now calling out the Biden administration.

On MSNBC’s September 26 broadcast of Alex Witt Reports, Waters said racism is behind the inhumane treatment of Haitian immigrants. She said they are getting the short end of the stick because they are black.

Waters suggested the administration needs to treat them in the same way as refugees from Afghanistan. She said we need to allow those who are eligible into the country instead of using horses and reins to drive them away.

When asked why she thinks there is a difference between the treatment of Haitians and Afghans, Waters said Haitians have always been victims. She pointed to their history of repression under French occupation. She said countries also treat them differently because they are black, poor, and from Haiti.

What the representative failed to acknowledge is these immigrants are nothing like Afghans because they are coming here illegally. Her arguments don’t hold a lot of water when she ignores this important detail.

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