Mark Levin Says It’s Time To Impeach Joe Biden

Mark Levin Says It's Time To Impeach Joe Biden

( – While it is no secret that conservatives are less than thrilled Joe Biden won the presidency, some people seem to be more unhappy than others. The mounting issues with the Biden administration led one Fox News host to go on a rant about the president.

On August 4, Mark Levin, host of Life, Liberty & Levin, made his feelings clear when speaking to Sean Hannity. The former Department of Justice Chief of Staff said Biden is “doing more damage” to the US than anyone else at this point. He went on to call him “dim-witted” and a “coward” before bluntly stating it is time to impeach him.

The host backed up his opinion, saying the president is violating the law in the way he’s handling the border crisis and failing the people with his coronavirus pandemic management.

Levin says Biden left the border open in violation of immigration laws. He’s dumping immigrants with questionable COVID statuses into cities across the country, all just to boost Democratic votes.

Biden’s decision to extend the eviction moratorium was in direct conflict with the Supreme Court decision which ruled that only Congress could do that. The president even acknowledged this fact, but did it anyway, which is a clear abuse of power.

Levin went on to suggest that if impeachment isn’t something Republicans want to do then they can work on pushing the 25th Amendment. He is well aware impeachment would not happen with the current makeup of Congress, but he still feels talking about it is better than doing nothing.

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