Man With “Ghost Gun” Arrested By Capitol Police

Man With

( – Ghost guns are firearms assembled by the owner using a homemade kit. They are of concern to law enforcement because there is no way to trace them. A worry is these guns may end up in the hands of people who should not possess them.

That is what appears to have happened in the case of Trevon Nibblins. The Capitol Police arrested the 20-year-old when they found a ghost gun in his possession after pulling him over in a suspected stolen vehicle.

Nibblins, a resident of Maryland, had a warrant from Prince George’s County. He informed officers about the gun after they stopped him. Along with the self-assembled Polymer80 9mm, officers found 13 rounds of ammunition and a feeding device on the firearm.

Besides facing charges for being a fugitive and operating a stolen vehicle, Nibblins also stands accused of not having a permit or license for the gun and carrying unregistered ammunition with an additional indictment for a high-capacity feeding device.

In legislation from early 2020, Democrats pushed to ban ghost guns, or expand background checks for purchases and require manufacturers to put serial numbers on the kits. The bill came up against some resistance as Republicans did not want to redefine firearms to include self-assembled weapons.

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