Man Shoots Robber With a Shotgun

Man Shoots Robber With a Shotgun

( – The Texas castle doctrine gives citizens the right to protect their property by using force. Catching someone breaking into your home or other property falls into this category, which means anyone trying to commit theft could come face-to-face with a firearm.

That situation is what appears to have happened in Camp County, TX, early in the morning on November 13. A homeowner alerted law enforcement that he had shot twice at a man trying to steal items from his shed.

The man explained he had heard a vehicle with a loud exhaust stop near his home, and soon after, he heard and saw someone outside. He went out with his shotgun and confronted the intruder. Feeling threatened, he shot the person, who fell down but then got back up and tried to take the gun. The homeowner shot again, but the suspect managed to get the firearm and run off.

Officers found some blood on the scene and evidence of attempted theft. They contacted area hospitals and put out an alert for anyone with gunshot wounds. Later in the evening, officers received notice of a victim at UT Health East Texas main hospital. The victim identified the man, Tony Gross, as the suspect.

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