Lost Wallet Returned After 50 Years

Lost Wallet Returned After 50 Years

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Losing a wallet is a real pain, especially if nobody returns it within the first few days. Most of the time people assume it’s gone forever by that point, but one man in Kansas learned never to give up hope that a lost item may find its way back home.

On October 7, in a Facebook post, the Great Bend Police Department told the story of a man who lost his wallet in the early 1970s and got it back in 2021. Someone brought the wallet into the station, and officers went through its contents in hopes of finding the owner.

This led them to the surprising discovery that everything in the wallet was quite old. The driver’s license expired in 1974, but it still managed to give police the clue they needed to track down the wallet’s owner. The man, who now lives in Lawrence, Kansas, was astonished to get the call from the police.

He told them about losing the item decades ago. The man couldn’t hide his thrill at getting back the wallet, which he told officers he made himself.

In reply to comments on the Facebook post, the Great Bend Police Department explained the discovery of the wallet occurred at the old Crest theater. One commenter said it looked incredible considering it had been lost for over 50 years, but most were simply amazed by the story.

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