Look Who’s Coming After Chuck Schumer’s Seat

mattcarman from Brooklyn, NY, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Could Schumer’s days be numbered?

After a devastating loss as New York City’s mayoral candidate, Curtis Sliwa plans to remain a key player in the Republican Party by setting his sights on Democrat stalwart Sen. Charles Schumer.

A primary component for The Guardian Angels founder was creating the “Save the Senate” political action committee. The committee’s purpose is to disrupt the Senate Majority Leader’s 2022 reelection bid; instead, promoting a GOP candidate.

A mission statement on his website goes into more detail about his plans, reading, “Though we came up short in our mayoral campaign, my movement for change progresses onward. I am more committed than ever to advancing our Republican values and priorities and holding liberal elitists accountable for failing New York and America.”

He elaborates that the next target of their campaign is  Senator Chuck Schumer, which Sliwa calls “an incompetent, power hungry career politician.”

The statement on the Save the Senate website goes on to explain Schumer’s perceived incompetency, “Between the rising cost of living, a broken healthcare system, struggling public schools, and lack of affordable housing, it is clear that Senator Schumer’s primary concern is keeping himself and his cronies in power.”

After beating former Senator Al D’Amato in 1998, Schumer will be up for a fifth term in 2022, having been endorsed by D’Amato in his 2016 election.

Sliwa was adamant about his plans to disrupt Schumer’s bid, “We’ve got to get rid of Chucky Cheese Schumer,” in an interview with the New York Post on Sunday.

Currently, the only challenger to Schumer is Aleksander Mici, a Bronx resident and lawyer.

About the Mici, Sliwa had the following to say in his interview with the New York Post, “You can have a ‘Jeopardy’ question about the Republican candidates who run against Schumer in the past. ” He continued, “I’d like to see a candidate who can give Schumer a run for his money.”

Sliwa seems confident in his Save the Senate PAC, declaring that there would be a “Republican wave” next year that would shake Schumer’s chances. He concluded by saying, “Schumer is the poster child on why there should be term limits,” adding that he would consider running against Schumer if it came to that.