Little Boy ‘Jumped Into Action,’ Saved Sister

( – In an impressive act of heroism, an 8-year-old boy has “jumped into action” and rescued his 6-year-old sister from a potentially fatal dog attack while playing in their grandparents’ backyard.

The aggressor, a pit bull from the neighboring property in Saginaw, Michigan, breached the fence and entered the area where Nicholas and Lillian were playing, The New York Post reports.

The children were unfamiliar with the dog, which, according to their mother, Rebecca Chitwood, had a history of escaping.

“They did not know the dog,” she reported to Fox News Digital.

During the incident, the dog launched an attack on Lillian, inflicting bites on her face and neck.

“She has several bites on her neck that were 3 cm from severing the artery in her neck,” Chitwood explained.

“She also had her left eyelid repaired. Several sutures. And she has extensive nerve damage in her face,” the mother added.

Nicholas bravely intervened upon hearing his sister’s screams.

“He jumped on the dog and pulled it off her and continued to kick it until her grandpa came to help. He was just trying to save his sister. He heard her let out a scream and … he jumped into action,” Chitwood recounted.

Following the attack, Lillian was rushed to the University of Michigan Hospital. Her recovery is expected to be challenging and prolonged, her mother disclosed.

The family has initiated a GoFundMe campaign, “Support for Brave Little Girl’s Recovery Journey,” to aid in her recuperation.

Reflecting on the traumatic experience, Chitwood shared her daughter’s current fears.

“I’m so sad for my daughter. She’s afraid to look in the mirror. She’s afraid to start school in the fall for fear of bullying. She’s afraid of dogs,” the mother said.

She expressed a desire for the dog’s owners to accept responsibility for the incident and emphasized the necessity for pet owners to manage their animals responsibly.

“[A]nimal cruelty begins at home,” she stated.

In response to the attack, local authorities intervened, with WNEM reporting that animal control had euthanized the dog involved.

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