Lindsey Graham Says He’s “Never Been More Worried”

Lindsey Graham Says He's

( – The US has traditionally been a tireless protector of its allies. The current state of affairs between Iraq and Israel has caught the attention of the White House, but Senator Lindsey Graham (R- SC) feels the Biden administration is dragging its feet and putting Israel at risk in the process.

On Tuesday, June 29, Graham told Sean Hannity Iranians are “playing President Biden like a fiddle.” He expressed extreme worry about the possibility of an imminent war between the two due to the inaction of the US, adding that Biden doesn’t understand the threat Iran poses.

Graham went on to talk about how Iran is building nuclear weapons with a view to destroying the Jewish nation. He stressed that now is the time to strike to keep the Ayatollah at bay.

On June 28, President Biden met with Israeli President Reuven Rivlin promising he would not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. While he meant to ease concerns with his words, the president also knows Israel has not been happy with his attempts to rejoin the nuclear deal with Iran.

Graham said Biden’s approach is weak and other countries see that. The bottom line, according to the senator, is Israel should not trust the US to keep it secure.

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