Lightning Strike That Totals Truck Captured on Dash Cam

Lightning Strike That Totals Truck Captured on Dash Cam

( – Buying a brand-new vehicle is often a dream come true. Most people will protect the expensive investment as best they can to get the most out of it, but sometimes accidents happen. Totaling a new truck is a nightmare, but for one Florida man, the manner in which his vehicle was destroyed is almost unbelievable.

Jack Foraker was lucky he had a dash cam recording at the time of the incident or nobody would believe what happened. He was in Lee County driving towards Big Carlos Pass when he encountered a storm. His 2020 Ford Ranger suddenly became a lightning rod as a bolt struck it right on.

Foraker said it sounded like a “shotgun blast” when it hit the bed of his vehicle. Upon contact, it shut down the truck. He lost all systems, but was able to get the Ford to the side of the road.

Mother Nature did a number on the vehicle, which had just 4,000 miles on the clock. The Florida man said mechanics tried to fix all the damage for 40 days, but to no avail. He will have to purchase a new Ranger.

Foraker says his story is a warning to others. Just moments before his accident, he had seen people leaving the beach and thought about how they were late getting inside from the storm and at risk of being struck by lightning. He wasn’t worried about himself, but he says others should learn from his experience that lightning can be a danger to anyone who is out during a storm.

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