Liberals Rage After Senators Take Vacation

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

They aren’t happy about this one.

Despite being “very close” to a consensus on gun legislation, Senators have wrapped up work and have left Washington, D.C., without a deal. This has been disappointing to Democrats, who were hoping to release a joint statement with Republicans on the framework.

Democratic Senate negotiators have revealed Democrats are “very close” to reaching an agreement with lead Republican negotiator Senator John Cornyn (Texas) but added that Democratic and Republican staff still had to iron out the details.

Sources familiar with the negotiations also indicated lead Democratic negotiator Chris Murphy (Conn.) had been “itching” to put out a joint statement with Cornyn before lawmakers left town, but Cornyn was reluctant to sign until consensus had been reached on the language of the core proposals.

On Thursday (June 9), Cornyn told reporters, “There’s no agreement until we agree on everything,” adding that negotiators have “narrowed the issues considerably.”

Cornyn also revealed the group was hoping to release a joint statement by the end of the week, stating, “We were hopeful there might be something we could do today, but we have this remaining issue we need to resolve.”