Lib State Kills Graduation Requirements Why?! (Video)

( – In an outrageous act showing the left’s determination to wipe out American education and boost youth ignorance, using the pretext of “fighting racism,” Democrat-run Oregon has adopted a measure killing off its high school graduation requirements in math, reading, and writing.

See the video below.

Last week, Oregon decided to put the graduation requirements for math, reading, and writing proficiency on hold until the 2027-2028 school year, The Oregonian reports, as cited by National Review.

The Oregon State Board of Education unanimously agreed to this decision on Thursday, arguing that the graduation requirements in math, reading, and writing negatively impacted minority students.

This move was initially implemented in 2020 during the Covid pandemic, which the new decision has now extended.

The vote on the measure was meant to take place in September but was postponed because of public backlash.

Christine Drazan, a former Republican gubernatorial candidate, was one of the strong voices against this decision. She declared the Oregon education board was avoiding responsibility for the state’s educational shortcomings.

“The board failed to discuss their responsibility for lagging academic achievement in our state. Instead, they cast the blame on a tool used to measure a student’s ability to read, write and do math,” Drazan commented.

“It’s disappointing that these unelected bureaucrats decided to ignore public comment and continue down a path that neglects their responsibility to help students meet high standards,” the GOP politician added.

This means that students from kindergarten to 12th grade won’t have a set academic standard to meet for graduation for another four years.

State school board members felt that these standards were harmful to marginalized students, as many had to take additional classes in their senior year to prove their skills in reading, math, and writing.

Even though standardized tests will continue in Oregon high schools, they won’t determine whether a student is ready to graduate.

Some argued that these requirements didn’t necessarily guarantee better outcomes for students after graduation.

“We haven’t suspended any sort of assessments. The only thing we are suspending is the inappropriate use of how those assessments were being used. I think that really is in the best interest of Oregon students,” claimed Vicky López Sánchez, a state board member and a dean at Portland Community College.