Law Enforcement To Resist Vaccine Mandates

Law Enforcement To Resist Vaccine Mandates

( – Vaccine mandates are popping up across the country, but some employers have decided to go against them. Also, many employees have decided to quit their jobs instead of getting a jab. With so much tension around the issue, it is not a surprise that people are resisting mandates.

California is especially strict on vaccine rules, but the Los Angeles County Sheriff says he doesn’t care about mandatory requirements. Sheriff Alex Villanueva said he will not force anyone who works for him to get a COVID-19 shot.

He feels the issue is too politicized and isn’t willing to lose workers over it. The city council instituted the ruling on October 6, but Villanueva said he would likely have 5% to 10% of his employees walk off the job if he upheld the mandate.

The ordinance takes effect on November 4 and ends when the state of emergency lifts. Council did allow for medical and religious exemptions. It also decided to permit negative COVID tests in lieu of the vaccination.

This isn’t the first time the sheriff has refused to institute mandatory orders. He also did so in July when the county put a mask mandate in place. At that time, he objected on the basis of science, saying the requirements didn’t make scientific sense. He also said he wouldn’t waste manpower by enforcing it.

Villanueva said “Defund the Police” movements have already put him in a bad place in terms of limited staff resources. He feels he cannot continue to do his job effectively while dealing with unreasonable government restrictions.

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