Law Enforcement Report Terror Attack

Law Enforcement Report Terror Attack

( – Bombings often have terrorist links, but that is not always immediately clear to those carrying out investigations. Law enforcement in England is reviewing an incident that took place outside the Liverpool Women’s Hospital for a connection to extremism.

Russ Jackson, Counterterrorism Policing head, announced on November 15 that officials have evidence showing a high likelihood of the incident being a terrorist attack. He explained the motivation is unconfirmed as yet, however.

According to Jackson, a suicide bomber entered the taxi intending to blow it up. Officials are currently investigating the device to understand more about it and working to uncover information about motivating factors behind the attack.

The explosion took place shortly before 11:00 am. The individual entered the taxi and asked the driver, David Perry, to take him to the hospital. The passenger then detonated the explosive device upon reaching the destination.

Perry was able to get out of the taxi but did suffer injuries. The passenger died in the incident.

Officers did arrest three men on November 14 in connection with the incident. There are reports a fourth individual was taken into custody on November 15.

The attack took place on Remembrance Day, when the country honors fallen war veterans. Officials say they have not found a link between the incident and the holiday but are considering it as a possible factor.

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