Kamala Harris Is Doing ‘Everything She Can’ To Avoid Her Job: Report

Kamala Harris Is Doing ‘Everything She Can’ To Avoid Her Job: Report

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Busywork is a term people use to describe actions that give off the appearance of doing work but hold no actual importance. Some may apply this label to everything Vice President Kamala Harris has done since taking office.

The Biden administration has had nothing but problems since its beginning. There is the still-surging COVID-19 pandemic, the deepening crisis at the border, and, of course, the mess in Afghanistan.

Yet, the vice president has been notably absent a lot of the time. When tasked with handling the border, she went on the hunt for “root causes.” She’s been mostly hands-off in terms of the pandemic, and there have been few contributions from her on the topic of the chaos in the Middle East.

Instead of staying in Washington to assist with the multiple issues plaguing the administration, Harris had plans to campaign for Governor Gavin Newsom in the California recall election last week. Thankfully, she abandoned this misguided idea to go back to the White House, but why was she even thinking about campaigning at a time like this?

Harris also spent time in Asia recently instead of assisting with the situation in Afghanistan. She said she had these meetings on her schedule well before the Taliban takeover, but why couldn’t she cancel or reschedule them? The leaders she met with would surely have understood, given the circumstances.

The vice president seems to be distancing herself from the disaster the Biden presidency has become. As questions mount about the president’s ability to continue leading the country, Harris should be stepping up, but her absence is speaking volumes about her suitability for leadership.

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