Kamala Harris Bursts Out Laughing Over Afghanistan Defeat

Kamala Harris Bursts Out Laughing Over Afghanistan Defeat

(TheIndependentStar.com) – A lot of people laugh when they are nervous. The common reaction is fine if you are in a casual situation, but if you are the vice president of the United States, it’s probably something you should learn to control. Vice President Kamala Harris let her giggling get the best of her once again when she laughed after a reporter asked her about Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

On August 21, reporters vied for Harris’ attention in Singapore at the Changi Airport. One spoke up to ask her about the situation in the Middle East, and the vice president cut her off while chuckling and telling the group to “slow down.”

She approached the reporters with a huge smile and appeared to be in a very jovial mood despite the current situation. The whole encounter came off as disingenuous and made the vice president look as if she isn’t taking the Afghanistan crisis seriously.

While she did pull herself together enough to state Afghanistan is the highest priority of the administration right now, it feels somewhat “too little, too late.” The whole Biden administration is already under fire for how it has handled things.

Whether Harris laughs due to nerves or not isn’t the point. She’s the vice president and should act as such. The issues she addresses with her trademark guffaw are serious matters that require a professional approach. She is not helping her boss or the people she represents by behaving in such a nonchalant way.

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