Justice Breyer’s Decision May Rely on Outcomes of Coming Cases, Report Finds

Justice Breyer's Decision May Rely on Outcomes of Coming Cases, Report Finds

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The end of a session is a popular time for Supreme Court Justices to announce retirement. Justice Anthony Kennedy made his announcement in June 2018, while Justices David Souter, John Paul Stevens, and Harry Blackmun did the same in 2009, 2010, and 1994 respectively. Now, some want Justice Stephen Breyer to do the same.

The current 2020-2021 session wrapped up on July 1, 2021, prompting a number of liberal organizations and leaders to call on the Associate Justice to step down. At 82, Stephen Breyer has yet to indicate a desire to step down or leave his post. Yet, the Left continues to closely monitor his career for any sign he may be moving on.

Breyer’s departure would be a boon for Democrats, allowing President Joe Biden to appoint a nominee of his own.

Some Left-leaning groups have been especially vocal about the issue. Demand Justice led a group of liberal organizations in issuing a statement, telling the justice he should announce his retirement immediately to give Biden the opportunity to name a successor.

Justice Breyer doesn’t take kindly to such requests. He has repeatedly spoken out about his disdain for progressive court packing attempts. However, he may also be holding out to see what happens in the midterm elections, as Republicans might retake the Senate. It seems the game of “wait and see” will continue, at least for the moment.

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