Judge Slams Trump In Courtroom

(TheIndependentStar.com) – During yesterday’s hearing in his civil fraud trial, President Donald Trump was warned by New York Judge Arthur Engoron to remain calm and composed. This warning followed Trump’s apparent display of frustration, where he visibly threw up his hands and held discussions with his legal team while witness Doug Larson was testifying.

Responding to these distractions, Kevin Wallace, representing the state attorney general’s office, requested Judge Engoron to urge the defense to refrain from making audible remarks during the testimony. Complying with the request, Engoron called for all present to maintain decorum, especially if the intent was “to influence the testimony,” as reported by AP.

This was Trump’s second appearance at his extensive fraud trial. His previous visit had also been marked by conspicuous expressions of exasperation and impassioned speeches made outside the courtroom. Notably, after Trump targeted court personnel on his social media platform, Truth Social, Engoron implemented a restricted gag order, prohibiting Trump and related parties from commenting on or about his staff.

The former president has frequently criticized the trial, labeling it a “witch hunt.” He has also vocally criticized Judge Engoron and New York Attorney General Letitia James. Nonetheless, Trump has maintained his innocence throughout.

In the backdrop of these events, James initiated legal proceedings against Trump, the Trump Organization, and Trump’s two adult sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr. The lawsuit alleges they engaged in long-standing fraudulent activities, manipulating asset values to benefit from reduced taxes and improved insurance policies. The state’s demand in this case includes a staggering $250 million in financial penalties and seeks to prevent Trump and his children from holding executive positions in New York-based companies.

Interestingly, before the commencement of the trial, Engoron ruled in favor of the core arguments presented by James, effectively holding Trump and his co-defendants accountable for fraud. This pivotal decision threatened Trump’s operational licenses and hinted at potential losses concerning his iconic properties.

While Trump’s lawyers appealed against this judgment and sought a postponement of the trial and the verdict, their request was largely declined by the New York appellate division. However, a temporary hold on the revocation of Trump’s business licenses was granted.

This trial, slated to continue until December, marks the onset of several legal challenges awaiting Trump in the coming year, especially as he is vying for a return to the White House. Notably, Trump is implicated in a staggering 91 charges spread across four criminal cases and is involved in multiple civil litigations.