Judge Issues Last-Minute Delay to Montana Abortion Laws Hours After Taking Case

Judge Issues Last-Minute Delay to Montana Abortion Laws Hours After Taking Case

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Abortion laws have been a hot topic lately, with Texas’ restrictive

bill having a win in court. Other states attempting to enforce similar laws are facing court battles as well.

District Judge Michael Moses issued a temporary restraining order on September 30 preventing a new Montana abortion law from taking effect on October 1. Moses wanted more time to look over the case before approving or rejecting the law, having only had hours to consider it.

He stated there was no way to issue a ruling without being able to look over the details properly. The judge also explained the importance of the issue means a clear and concise ruling is imperative.

Planned Parenthood is seeking a preliminary injunction in the case to prevent the law from going into effect, but Montana Governor Greg Gianforte (R) signed the bill banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The law also restricts drugs that induce abortions and imposes a requirement for women to have an ultrasound before a termination procedure.

Planned Parenthood sees the ruling as a temporary win. The organization feels this new law would harm women and make it harder for them to seek abortion services in the state. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America president, Alexis McGill Johnson, said these restrictions are not necessary and that ending them is a move towards reproductive freedom.

There was no comment from the Montana Attorney General’s office, which is a defendant in the case.

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