Judge Exposes Biden’s Dirty Tactic

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

This will destroy our nation.

On Wednesday there were updates on Florida’s lawsuit against the Biden administration. The lawsuit in question is regarding the “catch-and-release” policy. The federal judge said that Biden’s policies have led to the southern border being “little more than a speedbump” for illegal immigrants.

The state of Florida sued the Biden administration in September of 2021 over the catch-and-release policies. In the lawsuit, they said it damaged the state’s “quasi-sovereign interests.” Claims also included it violating federal immigration law. Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody was tasked with filing the suit. This lawsuit was a joint effort with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis looking to “uphold the rule of law despite the Biden administration’s decision to violate the law.”

The United States District Court for the Northern District of Florida ruled on Wednesday that the case could move forward. Judge T. Kent Wetherell said they were “wholly unpersuaded” by the Biden administration’s position.

“Today’s order is a huge win in our fight to force the Biden administration to fix the crisis by following the law. As the order states, ‘not even the President is above the law,’ and I look forward to advancing our case to hold the Biden administration accountable for ignoring public-safety immigration laws and turning our nation’s last bastion of protection into nothing more than a speedbump,” Moody stated.

Wetherell stated in this case that the Biden administration has “adopted and are implementing policies that contravene explicit mandates and restrictions in the immigration statutes and that the policies have effectively turned the southern border into little more than a speed bump for the hundreds of thousands of aliens who have flooded across the border into the country since January 2021 and the thousands more who are arriving at the border daily.”

Wetherell wrote of how unconvincing the administration’s position is stating, “unfettered discretion to determine how (or if) to comply with the immigration statutes and that there is nothing that Florida or this Court can do about their policies even if they contravene the immigration statutes.”

“Thus, if Florida’s allegations that Defendants are essentially flaunting the immigration laws are proven to be true, the Court most certainly can (and will) do something about it,” he added.