Judge Admits Sinister Truth About Biden DOJ

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In the high-profile case concerning former U.S. President Donald Trump and classified documents, presiding Judge Aileen Cannon of the Southern District of Florida issued a series of critical judgments against Special Counsel Jack Smith’s strategies on Monday.

The case, originating from a Miami grand jury’s indictment of Trump in June, saw Cannon reject the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) appeal for sealed filings, removing two from the record. Furthermore, Cannon called for more details from the prosecution about the ongoing usage of an out-of-state grand jury in the investigation.

Cannon clarified in the brief, “The Special Counsel, in broad terms, proposes the supplement be hidden from public scrutiny ‘in line with grand jury confidentiality,’ however, both the leave motion and the supplement fail to meet the requisite standard to justify sealing.”

She added, “In response to the Motion, addressing the lawfulness of employing an out-of-district grand jury to keep investigating and/or conduct post-indictment hearings relevant to this district’s indicted case, among other points, is necessary.”

Cannon’s Monday document was a reaction to the special counsel’s call for a hearing to scrutinize the potential conflicts of interest of defense lawyer Stanley Woodward. Woodward represents both Waltine Nauta, a Trump aide and co-defendant in the case, and three individuals who might be summoned as witnesses.

Nauta’s counsel was granted until August 17 to respond to the hearing motion, while prosecutors were given until August 22 to support the hearing with a brief.

These developments occurred approximately nine months before the planned trial, with Cannon previously scheduling it for May 20, 2024, during the Republican presidential primaries.

Trump faces 37 charges, including unauthorized retention of national defense data, conspiracy to hinder justice, and false statements, to all of which he has pled not guilty. Nauta, facing six charges including conspiracy to obstruct justice, also pleaded not guilty. Carlos De Oliveira, another defendant and property manager at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, is alleged by the special counsel to have conspired with Trump to conceal security footage.

Speaking on June 9, Smith stressed, “The Department of Justice is firmly anchored in the rule of law. Our national adherence to this principle sets an international precedent. In our country, we have a single legal framework, applicable to all. The implementation of these laws and factual findings is what guides an investigation’s outcome, nothing more or less.”

He added, “The attorneys in my department rank among the most skilled and seasoned in the DOJ. They’ve conducted this investigation adhering to the highest ethical norms. And they’ll persist in doing so as the case moves forward.”