Joe Biden’s Town Hall Was a Total Failure According to Numbers

Joe Biden's Town Hall Was a Total Failure According to Numbers

( – President Joe Biden hasn’t exactly been as quick to speak with the public as his predecessor. In fact, it often seems as if he goes silent for weeks at a time. But he did speak out at a recent Town Hall in Cincinnati, Ohio, on July 21, 2021.

Hosted by Don Lemon and CNN, the event ended up being a major flop on the airwaves. It didn’t even compete with a normal night on Fox News ratings-wise. In fact, CNN reports just 306,000 viewers between the ages of 25 and 54 tuned in. Fox News had 464,000 viewers across the same category by comparison.

CNN usually trails Fox News in ratings, especially since the 2020 election, which initiated a slide in the station’s viewer totals. However, one would assume having the sitting president on your station would result in a boost.

This situation isn’t a good look for Biden, especially when his supporters brag he received more votes than any elected president in history.

During the segment, the president discussed vaccines — specifically, their use in children. He talked about the pandemic and the potential for reinstating restrictions. He also spoke on the issue of the economy and the struggles of small businesses.

There were moments when he seemed to lose his train of thought or have trouble answering questions. Fox News’s Sean Hannity drew attention to this shortly afterward on a segment of his channel-hosted show.

Not only did the ratings falter, but images from the event also showed many empty seats. It is interesting that this supposedly “popular” president can’t seem to draw viewers or participants for a town hall event discussing topics that are incredibly important to the American people.

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