Joe Biden To Meet With China’s President

Joe Biden To Meet With China's President

( – The relationship between China and the US has not been good of late as tensions over Taiwan intensify. A war between the two nations is not something anyone wishes to happen due to its catastrophic potential on so many fronts. So, the presidents of both nations held a meeting to attempt to work on the lingering bad feelings.

President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met virtually on November 15. The goals of the White House were to stress the need to avoid conflict and to put into place guidelines to help prevent such a fate.

While the exact details of the discussion are unknown, sustaining responsible competition is likely to be a hot topic. Increasing tensions over Taiwan put both countries at risk, so Biden should outline intentions to reduce concerns Xi may have in this area.

Other areas of contention between China and the US that President Biden may touch on include cybersecurity, economic practices, and human rights abuses. He might also talk about climate change, an area in which he’s been working to include the Asian country.

Analysts do not expect the summit to produce a specific outcome. Instead, the focus will be on avoiding misunderstandings and making goals clear.

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