Joe Biden Motorcade Targeted By Protestors

Joe Biden Motorcade Targeted By Protestors

( – President Joe Biden is having some trouble with his approval ratings. His actions in relation to Afghanistan and his decisions about vaccine mandates have made him highly unpopular.

The president met with rejection as he headed to California on September 13. Biden was campaigning for California Governor Gavin Newsom (D), who is currently facing a recall election, at Long Beach City College.

Trump supporters lined the roadway as the presidential motorcade went down the street. They booed and held signs expressing their disdain for Biden and his policies, specifically vaccine mandates.

This isn’t the first sign people are unhappy with the president. Earlier on the same day, Biden was in Idaho where over 1,000 people were protesting against his vaccine mandates at the state capitol.

He’s also facing some heat over his handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. On September 7, the president had to endure boos and jeers when he visited New Jersey to survey damage from Hurricane Ida. People also booed and shouted other derogatory things at him during a visit to the 9/11 Ground Zero memorial service on September 11 in New York City.

Biden will head to Denver, Colorado on September 14 to promote his economic agenda and his plan to use wartime law to combat wildfires in the region. Will he face further condemnation there, or will Coloradans give him a warmer welcome?

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