Joe Biden Accidentally Humiliates Gretchen Whitmer

Joe Biden Accidentally Humiliates Gretchen Whitmer

( – Since before his time in office, President Joe Biden’s mental health has been a question on the minds of many concerned citizens. Some people feel he’s been exhibiting signs of dementia including forgetfulness and confusion.

People sometimes fumble words when speaking in public, presidents being no exception. Biden’s latest blunder occurred on August 11. He was on a video conference with governors and other local officials when he accidentally called Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) by the name Jennifer.

Most people believe he confused Whitmer with the previous Michigan governor, Jennifer Granholm. Granholm is now his Secretary of Energy. Others feel the explanation is unlikely because the governor’s name was right there in bold print for him to see. They attribute this mistake to his memory problems and see it as another example of his slipping mind.

Whitmer is used to being a victim when it comes to being called the wrong name. During the 2018 campaign Bill Schuette, who was running against her, called her Jennifer as well.

Is it just easy to confuse the two, given both women have been the governor of Michigan, or is something deeper at the root? Considering Biden had Whitmer on his list as a potential vice president, it’s hard to dismiss the mistake as a simple slip of the tongue.

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