Jill Biden Appointed to Lead U.S. Delegation at Chinese Ceremony

Jill Biden Appointed to Lead U.S. Delegation at Chinese Ceremony

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to events around the world, including the 2020 Olympic Games. Slated to occur in Tokyo, Japan, the world’s largest sporting event will not happen until July 23 to August 8, 2021. Unfortunately, there will be no spectators in attendance.

Increasing infection rates in the country led to a July 8 announcement that there will be no fans allowed at the games. Japan has instituted its fourth state of emergency since the beginning of the pandemic, and some people feel leaders should postpone the event again. However, officials have put extra safeguards in place, including the spectator ban, routine COVID testing, and quarantine periods.

President Joe Biden will not attend the games, but, as he mentioned before, he will send his wife as part of the US delegation. The official announcement on July 13 confirmed that First Lady Jill Biden is heading to Tokyo to lead the US in the opening ceremonies.

Dr. Biden is fully vaccinated and will attend the games for the second time in an official capacity. The Bidens attended as the delegation leaders during the 2010 games in Vancouver, Canada when serving as vice president and second lady.

This is the first lady’s second journey abroad since her husband’s inauguration and her first solo trip. Biden will represent the US on the world stage during an event that brings everyone together. The joy and comradery of the Olympics will do us all a lot of good after the time we’ve spent under the pandemic’s thumb.

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