James O’Keefe Talks to OANN About COVID “Whistleblower”

James O'Keefe Talks to OANN About COVID

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Does natural immunity provide effective enough protection against COVID-19 reinfection? While the CDC’s official stance is that vaccines work better than natural infection alone, some claim the evidence proves otherwise.

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe recently talked with One America News Network about “bombshell” videos first dropped by the organization on October 4. He claims the undercover recordings show Pfizer scientists admitting that catching the virus, and thus, developing natural antibodies, is scientifically proven to achieve better results than the vaccine.

The video shows Nick Karl, Chris Croce, and Rahul Khandke, all of whom claim to have worked for the pharmaceutical company in the past, talking about the body’s ability to build natural immunity. They also discuss how its efficacy stacks up when compared to the vaccine.

Croce claims infection leads to better protection for a longer period. Karl believes contracting the virus probably creates more antibodies, which can help prevent future reinfection.

Khandke, on the other hand, accuses Pfizer of training employees to claim getting the vaccine is safer than contracting COVID-19, a fact he feels is false.

Various studies cited by the CDC contradict the video’s allegations, showing that people who catch the virus are more likely to experience reinfection. They also say people who suffer through COVID-19 without getting vaccinated won’t have adequate protection against illness.

Flip-flopping and unclear answers lead to frustrating confusion for people who simply want to know the truth about vaccines. The ongoing debate over natural immunity seems to be following that same pattern.

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