Is Fauci Drunk With Power?

NIAID, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Fauci is getting reckless.

Following comments made by Dr. Anthony Fauci on Sunday in which he said the U.S. should consider vaccine requirements for domestic flights and wear masks on airplanes forever, Fox News host, Will Cain, voiced his opinion. Joining in on the discussion on Fox and Friends on Monday (December 27), Cain said he believed Dr. Anthony Fauci was “power drunk.”

Joining co-hosts Lawrence Jones and Carley Shimkus, Cain was adamant Fauci was “simply out of control.”

During the broadcast, Shimkus called Dr. Fauci’s suggestions on being masked on flights forever and supporting a vaccine mandate to fly a “massive overreach.”

The co-host criticized some of the existing vaccine mandates, naming New York City and “Sunday shows” as examples before saying that it “starts small with things that seemingly make sense.” He mentioned the 14-day quarantine “to slow the spread” and masking “during the height of the pandemic,” but alluded to how “outrageous” rules were becoming because vaccination for children had become a requirement in addition to a vaccine mandate for small businesses.

The co-host then mentioned that although people were speaking out regarding the mandates, it wasn’t those who could change or stop the mandates, before highlighting that this trend would mean that future mandates should be expected.

Jones interjected, saying that the mandates defied science. The co-host stated that Dr. Fauci “told on himself” by revealing the reason he wanted to implement a mandate on domestic airlines was to force more people to get vaccinated, “that’s the real objective control, not science,” the co-host continued.

Discussing vaccine mandates for domestic travel, Fauci stated on ABC’s “This Week” that, unlike international flights where the mandate’s purpose was to prevent new infections from entering the country, the purpose of a domestic travel vaccine mandate would be to coerce people to get vaccinated.