Immigration Bill ‘Dead on Arrival’

( – In a new setback for the left and its pro-migrant agenda, House Republicans have unequivocally dismissed the Senate’s forthcoming vote on bipartisan immigration legislation as a mere political maneuver, according to a report.

Labeling the bill “dead on arrival,” they criticized it as an ineffective and politically motivated gesture, pro-left news outlet Politico reported on Monday.

This rebuke followed an announcement by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Sunday. Schumer had declared that the immigration bill, which emerged from extensive bipartisan discussions as part of a larger foreign aid package — a package that had already been approved independently — was slated for a Senate floor vote within the week.

In a sharply worded statement, House Speaker Mike Johnson, along with his Republican leadership team, lambasted Schumer’s decision.

They accused him of attempting to “give his vulnerable members cover by bringing a vote on a bill which has already failed once in the Senate because it would actually codify many of the disastrous Biden open border policies that created this crisis in the first place.”

The Republicans’ statement forewarned that the bill would be unequivocally rejected should it be presented in the House.

House Republican leaders have consistently advocated for a tougher stance on immigration, specifically through HR 2, a measure that has already passed the House but has met strong resistance from Congressional Democrats.

“If Senate Democrats were actually serious about solving the problem and ending the border catastrophe, they would bring up HR 2 and pass it this week,” the GOP leadership contended.

Despite these discussions, there is a widespread consensus, according to the report, that the Senate’s immigration legislation will not successfully traverse the legislative divide to the House.

The bill also faces internal opposition within the Senate, where some progressivist members are likely to reject their leadership’s decision to advance the negotiated bill, criticizing its policies as excessively stringent.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle, the GOP has denounced Schumer’s strategy as nothing more than a tactical ploy aimed at bolstering Democratic incumbents facing fierce criticism from their challengers over immigration issues, ahead of the November elections.

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