Illegal Immigration Bombshell Hits Biden

Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash

This is bad.

As a massive migrant caravan continues to form, consisting of Central Americans and Haitians, headed towards the U.S. southern border, Senator Ted Cruz called out President Biden and the Democrats and revealed their dark plan.

Cruz believes that President Biden and the Democrats are allowing this crisis to continue to go on because they view these potential illegal immigrants and potential voters.

According to Newsmax, Senator Cruz took to twitter and claimed, “What Joe Biden and the Democrats see when they look at caravans of illegal immigrants: Future Democrat voters.”

Furthermore Reuters has noted that hundreds of Central American and Haitian migrants created a new caravan over the weekend in Chiapas, Mexico, and will soon start heading to the U.S.-Mexico border with hopes that President Biden will let them in.

Sadly, it isn’t just Chiapas, Mexico, that has migrant caravans forming. There are several thousands of illegals currently forming caravans in all of South America and Mexico will full intentions of heading to the U.S.