Ilhan Omar Thrown Out Of Where?

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

She must be humiliated.

Fourth of July weekend was particularly brutal for Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (Minnesota), who was booed and jeered by a primarily Somali crowd in her home state.

Omar not only had to contend with the embarrassing moment but also relive it as the clip went viral online.

Making an appearance at a concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Omar reportedly shared her thoughts on abortion rights and support for the LGBTQ.

The concert, conducted on Saturday (July 2) featured an appearance by Somalian singer Soldaan Seraar.

Omar was one of the first to share footage from the concert, sharing a 14-second clip of her and her husband Tim Mynett walking on stage.

Following her release of the clip, lengthier versions emerged that showed the crowd booing and jeering at Omar.

The longer clips show how concertgoers were displeased by Omar, chanting slogans like “get out!” and telling Dems to get the “f**k out of here.”

According to reports, the crowd’s visceral reaction to Omar came as a result of her vocal support for LGBTQ and abortion rights, something that those with Somali or Muslim heritage or history would typically frown upon, considering their conservative views.

It wouldn’t be surprising that — although not shown on the tapes — Omar vocalized her support to codify Roe V. Wade as she has been extremely outspoken on the matter in recent weeks.

Omar, 39, said at a pro-choice protest in Washington on June 24 that states were prepared to ban abortion despite five decades passing, emphasizing that states would “Outright ban abortion. That means if you are sick, if you are raped, there is incest, you are forced to have that baby or die,”