Hunter Biden Investigation Bombshell

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( – Striking new evidence has emerged that murky forces might be pulling the Bidens’ strings as a report has disclosed that Hunter Biden’s “sugar brother,” lawyer Kevin Morris, not only controls the first son’s stake in a Communist China fund but also even paid off his debt to the Chinese.

According to a report by Just the News, Morris is in charge of Hunter’s 10% stake in BHR Partners, an ongoing fund tightly connected with the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

On top of that, after Joe Biden captured the White House in 2021, Morris assumed a $250,000 debt that the first son received as a loan from a BHR Partners executive in 2019.

The report that Morris runs Hunter’s BHR Partners stake implies that the former’s involvement in the Bidens’ business dealings is more extensive than the traditional lawyer-client relationship, extending to managing financial interests and legal strategy, Breitbart News observes.

It adds that this situation could potentially impact the integrity of Joe Biden’s administration due to the ongoing business relationship with a CCP-linked entity.

Morris’s role in the fund indicates a deep and multifaceted relationship with the President’s son, as he has also taken on the responsibility of settling Hunter Biden’s IRS debts of about $2 million. For that, the lawyer has been dubbed the first son’s “sugar brother.”

Hunter Biden has incurred over $10 million in legal expenses over the past five years, as reported by CNN in October, and faces the prospect of further significant costs related to an impeachment inquiry and three gun charges.

He formed BHR Partners in 2013 with Devon Archer and Jonathan Li, holding a 10% percent stake through his company, Skaneateles LLC.

This stake was later transferred to Morris, according to a source familiar with a 2023 agreement reported by Breitbart News and initially discovered by the nonprofit Marco Polo.

Moreover, Morris has reportedly taken over a debt obligation connected to the venture.

In 2019, Hunter Biden received a $250,000 loan from Jonathan Li, wired to an account using Joe Biden’s Delaware address as the beneficiary.

After Joe Biden assumed the presidency, Kevin Morris took up this loan in 2021, The Daily Caller notes in a report.

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) expressed concerns about these financial arrangements.

“It sure seems that the Bidens get a lot of loans that raise many questions. Hunter Biden’s defense team was quick to say that the $250,000 wire he received from a Chinese national that listed Joe Biden’s home as the beneficiary address was a loan,” the GOP lawmaker said.

“However, Hunter Biden’s defense team fails to mention that Kevin Morris quietly assumed that loan for Hunter Biden. Why is Kevin Morris, who is a lawyer and Democrat donor, taking on Hunter Biden’s China debt? This raises serious ethical questions that the White House must answer,” Comer concluded.