House Democrats Request Comprehensive Communications from January 6th Protestors

House Democrats Request Comprehensive Communications from January 6th Protestors

( – The Democrat-run January 6 committee in the House of Representatives is continuing its first wave of requests for documentation. The group is targeting private companies in its inquiry.

On August 30, Chairman Bennie Thompson (D-MS) issued orders to multiple telecommunication companies to hold onto the records of a list of people. The request tells companies to preserve data, including phone records, cell phone locations, and text messages, from April 1, 2020, to January 31, 2021. The orders went out to 35 organizations, including Verizon, Facebook, Parler, and AT&T.

The committee did not make the names public but did say they are people relevant to the investigation. However, the letters to the companies said these individuals are people who sought to stop the certification of the election or objected to it in some way.

An AP article states that former President Trump, his family members, and allied members of Congress are among those on the list. The request noted the committee does not allege the named individuals did anything wrong and this request is part of “gathering facts.”

The select committee has already made requests to federal agencies for documentation, but some Americans may see the new orders to private companies as overreach. Should the committee have the right to seize such information with nothing more than a request, and will these companies hand over private details about customers so easily?

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