Hostage Situation Reported To White House

Hostage Situation Reported To White House

( – After the withdrawal from Afghanistan, many Americans have remained stuck in the Taliban-controlled country. Other foreign nations have citizens held hostage or illegally detained, and families want their loved ones home.

The Biden Administration had promised to get them quickly, but according to a letter written by the families of 26 hostages and detainees, the president and his team are doing very little to move forward. In February, Secretary of State Antony Blinken held a call with the relatives, but the White House has been silent since then.

Families claim they’ve had no recent communication with authorities. They have no idea what is happening or if the administration is working on their cases. These people demand President Joe Biden to prioritize the return of their family members to the United States.

They noted policies and bureaucracy is holding the process back, making it more complicated and challenging to carry out the goal. The families feel that the United States is the worst it’s been since Biden took office. They accuse the administration of being all talk and no action. The White House has had few successes with getting the release of any hostages or detainees. Biden’s team appears to be doing very little compared to the Trump Administration, which took an aggressive approach to returning detainees and hostages to US soil.

In response to the letter, a White House National Security Council spokesperson said the administration always prioritizes the release of hostages and detainees when making foreign policy decisions.

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