Hero Workers ‘Saved Lives’

(TheIndependentStar.com) – In a case of ordinary Americans showing heroism by saving people’s lives, workers who were on the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore managed to prevent additional deaths by stopping cars after receiving a distress signal from the cargo ship that eventually crashed into it, Maryland’s governor has revealed.

At least eight people are presumed dead after the dreadful incident Tuesday morning, in which the MV Dali vessel caused the collapse of the 1970s bridge in Baltimore.

“The ship issued a mayday loss of power,” Maryland’s Democrat Governor, Wes Moore, told reporters, as cited by The New York Post.

“The workers on the bridge halted traffic right before impact. They saved lives in a very, very heroic way,” he added.

The governor disclosed that there was sufficient time between the distress signal sent by the MV Dali and its collision with the Baltimore bridge to have halted traffic from accessing the bridge.

In a press conference held in Baltimore on Tuesday morning, Governor Wes Moore provided limited responses to various inquiries, including the number of civilians present on the bridge at the time of its collapse.

However, he did verify that measures were taken to stop further vehicles from entering the bridge once it was apparent a catastrophe was imminent, Breitbart News reports.

The exact duration of the warning received by city and port authorities remains uncertain.

Nevertheless, it is evident that the bridge bore less traffic at the moment of collision compared to moments before, when heavy trucks and cars were frequently observed traversing.

Prior reports noted that the MV Dali experienced a complete power outage precisely four minutes and 20 seconds before striking the bridge.

Assuming the crew immediately reported the issue upon discovery, it implies that authorities managed to convey the emergency to those on the ground, effectively preventing more vehicles from approaching the bridge within a short span.

“We can confirm that the crew notified authorities of a power issue… the thing that we know, you know, is that even as the boat that was coming in. We had a ship that was coming in at eight knots, so coming in at a very rapid speed. We do know that the investigation is currently going on,” the governor said.

“But I have to say I am thankful for the folks that who, once the warning came up, the notification came up that there was a mayday, who literally by being able to stop cars from coming over the bridge, these people are heroes. They saved lives last night,” he added.

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