Gretchen Whitmer Seen Partying Without Mask She Requires Others To Wear

Gretchen Whitmer Seen Partying Without Mask She Requires Others To Wear

( – Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) has kept her state under strict COVID-19 protocols and mandates. She issued multiple executive orders making facial coverings mandatory, citing a need to keep people safe, but it seems the governor doesn’t care much about rules other leaders put in place.

Photos of Whitmer taken on the evening of October 22 brought about some harsh criticism; they showed the governor out in public without a mask. She was at Vue, a bar in Washington DC that mandates all people to wear face coverings in indoor settings.

Bar policy also dictates all patrons must wear masks unless they are eating or drinking, and the governor was doing neither. People nearby and around her were wearing the required coverings.

This isn’t the first time Whitmer has broken pandemic orders. She also violated her own rules by flying when she banned travel and gathering in a large group after telling citizens they couldn’t do the same. The governor also had another maskless mistake in Michigan when out at a restaurant. She did try to apologize after getting caught that time.

Political leaders wonder why people won’t get on board with their mandates and other COVID restrictions. Governor Whitmer is a prime example of the reason. It isn’t fair to expect citizens to follow your rules when you don’t.

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