Governor Deports Illegals, Biden Stunned

Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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On Thursday (July 7), Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) announced state law enforcement would send illegal immigrants apprehended in Texas back to the Southern border.

Appearing on the conservative talk show, The Chris Salcedo Show, Abbott announced that besides other measures like “building a border wall… laying down razor wire… every illegal immigrant that we encounter, we are returning to the border.”

Despite the federal government being responsible for immigration law, Abbott has indicated state law enforcement will step up where the federal government has failed.

Amid the ongoing Southern border crisis, Abbott also didn’t mince his words criticizing President Joe Biden during his appearance on the show.

“Joe Biden has an open border policy where he wants all these illegal immigrants to come into the United States, and we’re sending a message to everybody who goes through this incredible struggle, to get across the border that, by God, if they’re going to be apprehended by Texas law enforcement officer or Texas National Guard member, they’re going to be taken right back to the border.”

Abbott’s comments come as illegal crossings have reached record numbers. Between January and May, Texas border authorities stopped 523,000 attempted illegal crossings, a 106,000 (25 percent) increase over the same period last year, showing how much activity has increased at the Texas border.

Abbott, who has spent $3 billion in state funds to protect the Southern border, has not been able to stem the influx of illegal immigrants, something Abbott blames on the Biden administration.

The Texas Governor vowed to “continue to take action to address those challenges caused by the Biden administration.”