Google Reportedly Targeted Anti-Abortion Ads

Google Reportedly Targeted Anti-Abortion Ads

( – Big Tech has already come under fire for bias many times in the past. The industry’s prejudices are apparently at play once again, judging by a recent situation involving Google and a pro-choice group.

A letter to Alphabet (Google’s parent company) CEO Sundar Pichai from Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) on September 15 accuses the search engine giant of actively blocking pro-life organization advertisements on its platforms.

Hawley was writing in support of a Missouri company, Live Action. The company’s president Lile Rosa tweeted on September 14 that Google had stopped its abortion pill reversal advertising. She said the ads had run for four months before Google pulled them.

Google responded that it does not allow unproven medical claims in ads and noted medical experts were questioning the safety and effectiveness of the abortion reversal pill. The reply also stated it does not discriminate against pro-life messaging, but said it does require verification of whether a company offers or does not offer abortion services to allow for transparency in advertisements.

Hawley felt the response was not good enough, prompting his letter. His missive ends with several questions to Google, including asking about ties to abortion advocacy organizations, internal problems with backlash against pro-choice employees, and the reason for the abrupt removal of Live Action’s advertisements.

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