Frightening Sinkhole Threatens Residents in Suburban Neighborhood

Frightening Sinkhole Threatens Residents in Suburban Neighborhood

( – Heavy rains can bring about a range of issues. From washed-out roadways to sinkholes, too much water can be frustrating and dangerous. In one neighborhood in North Carolina, residents are asking for help due to a terrifying situation resulting from heavy summer storms.

In Asheville, a neighborhood is becoming vocal about their concern over a sinkhole that is growing in size. The hole appeared in July and is now visibly larger. People say it is a stressful development that causes them constant worry.

Besides obvious dangers of the situation, there are additional issues with stormwater drainage leading to flooding. A nearby neighbor, Nat Dickinson, whose property borders the rental area containing the sinkhole, said it caused his basement to flood. He also said it is extending as far as his fence line.

Dickinson tried to communicate with the city about the problem in July but didn’t receive a response for almost three months. The reply said the city could not do anything because of the location of the sinkhole on private land. A spokesman did say authorities reached out to property owners and put up barricades around the hole.

Dickinson has no real recourse at this point, but once the sinkhole expands onto his property, he will have the right to bring a civil case against the owners.

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