Fox News Throws DeSantis Under The Bus

Matt Johnson from Omaha, Nebraska, United States, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

As Florida Governor’s star in the Republican Party continues to rise, media attention has risen alongside it, evident in Fox News’ recent call out of DeSantis for flip-flopping on the war in Ukraine.

DeSantis, who is expected to announce his entry into the 2024 Presidential Bid later in the spring, received considerable backlash for his answer to a Tucker Carlson questionnaire where he claimed the war in Ukraine is a “territorial dispute,” adding that the U.S. shouldn’t become “further entangled” in the conflict.

However, in an interview with Fox Nation host Piers Morgan, which aired on Thursday (March 23), DeSantis clarified his statements.

The Florida Governor insisted that his comments describing the war in Ukraine as a “territorial dispute” was “mischaracterized.” DeSantis explained that the statement was a description of the location of the conflict, adding that Russia didn’t have a right to instigate conflict against Ukraine.

DeSantis called Russia’s conflict with Ukraine “wrong,” adding that Russia invading and taking over Crimeria was also “wrong.”

However, he elaborated that what he meant by a “territorial dispute” was a reference to “where the fighting is going on now,” specifically on the eastern and western borders near Donbas and Crimeria.

But Kevin Corke, a Fox News host, took issue with DeSantis’s claim he was only attempting to clarify his earlier statements.

Instead, on Sunday (March 26), Corke claimed DeSantis’s comments on Thursday were a “flip flop” and not a mere attempt to provide clarity.

Corke argued that DeSantis’s remarks to Morgan were an attempt by the Sunshine State’s Governor to establish a national political platform ahead of a possible 2024 Presidential bid announcement.