Fox News Host Says Democrats Are Changing Meaning Of “Stranded”

Fox News Host Says Democrats Are Changing Meaning Of

( – The Afghanistan crisis is really taking its toll on the Biden administration. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is now arguing with reporters over the meaning of words to help maintain the stance that the president has done nothing wrong.

During an August 24 press briefing, she faced a question from reporter Peter Doocy that had her flustered. He asked about Americans stranded in Afghanistan.

Psaki called the reporter “irresponsible” for using the word “stranded.” She argued the administration maintains its commitment to bring home any citizen who wishes to leave the country.

Arguing over the meaning of a word seems like a last-ditch effort to keep to the narrative the White House wants to push. Psaki should know “stranded” doesn’t mean they are stuck there forever. What the term does mean is there are people in Afghanistan who are unable to get out at the current time, which is unquestionably true.

Reports out of the country say there are Americans who have been unable to get to safety. One US citizen said she and her family have been unable to get to the airport, have not received instructions on what to do, and cannot get in contact with the US government. She used the term “stranded” specifically to explain her situation.

When faced with this, Psaki had more excuses. She said if officials know about this family, then they will help them, but it is up to citizens to alert the US of their whereabouts. Again, she is talking around the subject since the stranded American said she has tried contacting the government, yet she remains stuck in the Middle Eastern nation.

Negotiating over words is a silly way to approach such a serious subject. Instead of answering questions directly, the press secretary seems to want to divert attention every time she gets the chance.

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