Fox News Announces New Rule For Employees

Fox News Announces New Rule For Employees

( – The vaccine debate is at a peak in the US. Tensions are running high, and asking someone their vaccination status often results in a hostile response. Privacy often seems to go out the door when it comes to this topic.

On August 17, employees at Fox News received an internal memo from the CEO telling them they must disclose their vaccination status. Such a demand may not go over well with the conservative hosts and others who work at the company.

Fox News has already encouraged employees who had gotten the jab to share their status in June. At that time, the company also decided to let employees know that if they did not give their vaccine status, the station would consider them unvaccinated.

Fox’s newest demand to employees is to assist with contact tracing, space planning, and keeping the company in compliance with health and safety guidelines, according to the memo.

It is worth noting the news company is not making vaccination mandatory, but it may require weekly testing for some employees in the New York offices.

Fox News should be ready for the ire of employees who have been outspoken against any mandate regarding the shot. Notably, Tucker Carlson has made it clear he doesn’t appreciate anyone asking him about his vaccination status. Furthermore, this move is hypocritical for a station that has painted mandatory vaccine disclosures as a violation of personal freedom.

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