Football Player in Armed Standoff

( – In a distressing incident, a former professional football player suffering from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a brain illness resulting from head injuries, has been arrested by the police after an armed standoff.

In Michigan, authorities apprehended the former professional player from the Arena Football League after he allegedly engaged in an armed confrontation with law enforcement on Monday evening, as reported by FOX2 and The Daily Caller.

Jonathan McCall is accused of barricading himself, alongside his wife and their two children, within their residence for an extended period while officers endeavored to peacefully conclude the standoff, FOX2 detailed.

McCall, whose athletic journey included playing football at Central Michigan prior to a seven-year stint in the Arena Football League (AFL), was the subject of a 2017 FOX2 piece that explored his battle with Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), a neurological condition associated with repeated head injuries.

“I think I’ve had maybe about 100 concussions,” McCall confided to FOX2 in 2017.

“I was doing unsafe behaviors, like taking knives, cutting on my hand,” he revealed at the time.

According to Dr. Peter Lewitt, who spoke with FOX2, McCall’s diagnosis is likely “a consequence of regular head battering that is part of the training and game-play experience of American football.”

The situation was described as “pretty intense” by Paul Hampson, a neighbor, who recounted to Fox2 the scene of law enforcement personnel positioning themselves strategically around the area.

“We had cops standing behind trees, behind cars. They were all over the place,” the neighbor said.

Upon entry into McCall’s residence, officers allegedly discovered him donning a bulletproof vest.

They subsequently subdued him with a taser and seized several long firearms he had allegedly acquired recently.

“The crux of it is, is this individual an immediate risk of harm to themselves or others?” Judge Lisa Lawton, who sanctioned the emergency order, remarked.

“And if the answer is yes, and everything else is complied with, then there is a possibility that the police will be able to save that individual, and last night, kids and mom in the house, too. Sad,” she concluded.

The local community seemed to be aware of McCall’s struggles with CTE.

“One minute he’s a super good guy and then he has issues,” a local told FOX2.

McCall is facing charges including one count of domestic spousal assault and one count of assault and battery.

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