Five-Year Old Becomes Youngest to Finish 2,100-Mile Appalachian Trail

Five-Year Old Becomes Youngest to Finish 2,100-Mile Appalachian Trail

( – The Appalachian Trail runs 2,193 miles from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine. It’s quite popular with hikers; some choose to only do a portion of it, while others walk the entire route.

On August 9, after hiking for more than 209 days, 5-year-old Harvey Sutton completed the whole trail. He did it alongside his mom and dad, Josh and Cassie Sutton. Perhaps the most amazing thing is “Little Man” (Harvey’s trail nickname) reached this goal before he started kindergarten.

The family began the trail in January when his parents took a break from their real estate jobs. At that time, Harvey was only four, but he missed the distinction of being the youngest to hike the trail because 4-year-old Juniper Netteburg completed the whole thing before she turned five.

Along the way, “Little Man” says he enjoyed the wildlife and really liked the rock scrambles. He also kept his energy up by eating tortillas slathered in peanut butter and sprinkled with Skittles. The littlest Sutton said he and his parents were never bored.

He also met plenty of other hikers along the way who helped keep him engaged with treasure hunts and toys. His mom said Harvey was a nice distraction that made the miles fly by. She felt the whole experience strengthened the family’s bond.

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