Federal Border Patrol Agents Slam Kamala Harris For Throwing Them Under The Bus

Federal Border Patrol Agents Slam Kamala Harris For Throwing Them Under The Bus

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The crisis at the border is reaching an alarming level of severity, but the Biden administration seems to want to keep ignoring the real issues. A recent surge of migrants (mostly from Haiti) into Texas has shone a spotlight on what is happening in the area.

Here’s the latest on what’s happening and how the Biden administration is reacting to it.

Photos Cause an Uproar

Images from September 19 of Border Patrol agents trying to contain immigrants coming across the border brought comments from the otherwise elusive Vice President Kamala Harris. The photos show officers on horses trying to stop people from illegally entering the country.

The reason the photos drew such attention has to do with the horse reins agents use. These are long, whip-like reins that riders use to control the horse and sometimes whip the animal to get it moving.

The problems started when some media sources began using the images in confusing and distorted ways to make it look as if the agents were whipping immigrants. With a little research, it was easy to uncover the truth behind the photos and clear Border Patrol personnel of any abusive actions.

Harris Makes a Comment

The vice president must have only looked at the images and taken the reporting at face value without waiting for a full investigation before commenting. She said the images troubled her, adding that the agents were treating the people in the photos horribly. She also stated her support for a full investigation into the actions of the Border Patrol agents.

Unfortunately, Harris was quick to condemn the men and women working six-day weeks at over 10 hours a day to keep this crisis somewhat under control. She has done very little to manage the issue herself and has been largely missing in action since the president appointed her to take charge of the border.

Agents Respond

Border Patrol agents haven’t been sitting idly by while the vice president and others within the Biden administration insult them. One agent said the reaction to the photos is a coverup and diversion tactic by the White House to draw attention away from its inability to handle things on the border. Another agent said the administration doesn’t have a clue about what is really going on.

Whether this situation is a way to divert attention or proof of the disconnection between the administration and what is happening on the ground, it does speak volumes. Especially about the lack of involvement Harris has shown when it comes to controlling the border.

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