Father of Fallen Soldier Refuses to Meet with Biden

Father of Fallen Soldier Refuses to Meet with Biden

(TheIndependentStar.com) – The 13 military members who died following a suicide bombing in Afghanistan are now back on American soil. The ceremony of transferring them back to their families took place on August 29 at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware.

Prior to the dignified transfer ritual, President Joe Biden met with the families. Except, some were not willing to see the commander in chief.

Darin Hoover, the father of Marine Staff Sergeant Taylor Hoover, refused the meeting. On the August 29 episode of Hannity on Fox News, the father told host Sean Hannity that his response when asked was “absolutely not.”

He said he and his family didn’t want to be anywhere near the president and didn’t want to “deal with him.” The grieving man said his family collectively decided not to partake in the meeting.

Hoover explained his son’s master sergeant said this whole catastrophe was completely avoidable. He says nothing like this can happen again, and that we can’t leave service members behind like that.

For his son, the military was everything. It was difficult on the family for him to be away, and Hoover Sr. stated that losing his son was “the absolute worst feeling in the world.” Hoover remarked that “every one of them is a hero,” referring to the 13 service members who died in Kabul.

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