Farmer Grows Enormous 2,100-Pound Pumpkin

Farmer Grows Enormous 2,100-Pound Pumpkin

( – Ohio’s fall festivals always bring excitement, but this year, something special happened in Barnesville. The Pumpkin Festival celebrating everything about this round, orange gourd had a headline-making Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off this year.

For 57 years, the festival has seen some hefty pumpkins, but the largest this year was one grown by Jeff Theil of Dillonvale, Ohio. Coming in at 2,195 pounds at the weigh-off on September 29, the pumpkin broke a state record set in 2017 by 45 pounds.

Theil walked away with a prize of $2 per pound for a total of $4,390. However, the win meant more than the money; it was in memory of a dear friend who passed away from cancer. He received the seed he used to grow the pumpkin from his friend.

Theil has fond memories of growing pumpkins. He said he started growing the orange orbs to follow in the footsteps of his father, who won the same contest in 1985.

He credits his successful grow with ensuring the pumpkin got the right amount of water. The wet growing season frustrated him, but patience and attention to his patch paid off.

There was no shortage of enormous pumpkins at the weigh-off. Last year’s winners and the previous state record holders, Todd and Donna Skinner, claimed second place with a weight of 2,078 pounds. Third place went to a gourd weighing 2,003 pounds.

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