Evacuations Ordered At 3 Schools After Severe Threats

Evacuations Ordered At 3 Schools After Severe Threats

(TheIndependentStar.com) – Technology allows emergency responders to notify large groups of people in an emergency quickly. Such alerts often save lives, especially in the face of a credible threat. Officials found them especially useful over the weekend at three major college campuses across the United States.

On November 7, Cornell, Columbia, and Brown Universities received a total of three separate bomb threats. Staff immediately issued lockdown notifications to students and workers.

At Cornell, law enforcement agents received an alert that someone had placed bombs in four school buildings. Officers conducted a sweep of the campus and discovered no explosives, ultimately deeming the threat nothing more than a hoax.

At Columbia, someone sent police information about bombs in on-campus buildings. Once again, officers searched the building, finding nothing. They also deemed the threats false.

Officials at Brown encountered a similar situation when an unknown individual called in and indicated they had placed explosive devices in multiple buildings. Law enforcement at that campus searched, found nothing, and labeled the case a hoax.

Notably, Yale University in Connecticut dealt with a separate bomb threat just two days prior.

All three schools evacuated affected buildings in the wake of the threats. Classes ground to a halt, and multiple law enforcement agencies wasted human resources checking campuses for nonexistent bombs. While the shutdowns didn’t last long, they did trigger chaos and created extreme fear among students.

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